Seminar in Systems 600.743

Where: NEB 317
When: Mondays 5PM - 6:15PM

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Weekly discussion based on current topics in the broad systems area. The goal of this effort is to expose all of us to current research and to foster greater communication and cooperation among the different groups doing research in the systems area here at Hopkins. Each student is responsible for reading the papers and participating in the discussion. Furthermore, every week one student will be responsible for creating a short presentation about the paper and leading the discussion with the help of a moderator. Each week's moderator is the previous week's presenter.


Paper List

PaperAuthorsDatePresenterAdditional MaterialNotes
A Practical Analysis of Low-Density Parity-Check Erasure Codes for Wide-Area Storage Applications James S. Plank, Michael G. Thomason 9/20 Yair Amir    
Link-level Measurements from an 802.11b Mesh Network Aguayo, Bicket, et. al 9/27 Razvan Musaloiu-E.    
Routing in a Delay Tolerant Network S. Jain, K. Fall, and R. Patra 10/4 Raluca Musaloiu-E.    
Global Intrusion Detection in the DOMINO Overlay System V. Yegneswaran, P. Barford, S. Jha 10/18 Moheeb Abu Rajab    
Key Infection: Smart Trust for Smart Dust R. Anderson, H. Chan, A. Perrig 10/25 Nilo Rivera    
Chain Replication for Supporting High Throughput and Availability R. van Renesse, F. Schneider 11/1 Ciprian Tutu    
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters J. Dean and S. Ghemawat 11/8 Alexandros Batsakis    
A Performance and Scalability Analysis of the BlueGene/L Architecture 11/22 Eric Perlman An Overview of the BlueGene/L Supercomputer
Suggested background reading, worth taking a brief look at, primarily for section 5 -- Torus Network and section 7 - Global Trees.
Overcoming the Internet Impasse through Virtualization 12/6John Lane  

Interesting Links

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills is a list of pointers to resources for effective oral communication.

Ed Tufte's Advice on Presentations. Make this second nature!

Critical Reading

Efficient Reading of Papers in Science and Technology: A very succinct description of a methodology for reading scientific papers. Re-read this frequently until you've mastered the methodology.

Sugih Jamin's checklist for paper reading contains questions you should be asking while reading a systems paper.

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