CS450 Fall 2011 Outline


Course Time: Tue/Thr 1:30-2:45, Shaffer 202
Instructor: Marcus Chang (mchang at cs.jhu.edu)
TA: Zainan Zhou (zzn at jhu.edu)
Office hours: By appointment

This course is an introduction to fundamental concepts of networked embedded systems and wireless sensor networks. It is intended for juniors, seniors and first year graduate students in Computer Science and other engineering majors with the prerequisite background. Covered topics include: embedded systems programming concepts, low power and power aware design, radio technologies, and communication protocols for low-power networks.

Laboratory work consists of a set of programming assignments that consider a set of the issues described in class.

Prerequisites: 600.226, 600.120 and 600.344/600.444 or instructor's consent.

Please use the Blackboard website for assignments, announcements, etc.