CS450 Fall 2013 Grading


The course is divided in three parts: lectures, research seminar (where students present research papers to their peers), and programming assignments.

Lectures are held on Tuesdays and present the topic of the week. Seminars are held on Thursdays where a research paper is discussed together with the weekly coding assignment. 

Students are required to read all papers assigned during the semester and be able to competently discuss the material in class. Each student will be responsible for presenting one lecture (depending on the class size) -- that lecture will be based on the assigned paper for the week including as much relevant related work as necessary to distill the work presented in the paper. The speaker(s) should try to present a comprehensive view of the topic suitable for a 30 minute talk. The presenter(s) is/are also responsible for leading the general discussion for 15 min. Each student is required to give at least one in-class presentation. The presentation will be centered on pre-selected papers.

There will be a semester long project divided in three parts. For each part, a report together with the developed code is to be handed in. Students can work in groups of 2-3 people on the same code but have to hand in individual reports. Each part is graded seperately and will affect the final grade based on the grading table below.

Besides the project, there will be a number of small coding exercises (20-30 lines of code) with questions (2-3) that have to be handed in individually. 

There is a midterm but no final for this course.

Class Presentation 10
Class Participation 10
Coding Exercises 10
Midterm 20
Project 1 & 2 30
Project 3 20